Importance of Stuff, Latent Lifestyle

The Importance of Stuff

Our minds are filled with memories of the lives we lead.  

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Each memory we have an attributed feeling or emotional tie and each time we think back on that memory the feelings and emotions return too.

To look at it closer, your brain is storing all types of different data it is receiving from all the different body monitors that it possesses.  

The eyes are recording video, ears wired for sound, the skin with its millions and millions of tiny sensors within each hair follicle and throughout the skin.  The nerves under the fingers, the central nervous system monitoring the speed and pace of the heart and lungs and the brain – storing it all together in tiny little data packages.

A little Experiment…

It must be quite normal to “remember’ a great deal of data with each memory too!  Lets try this little experiment:  Think of an apple…

Hold it are you reading on without thinking of an apple, or did something amazing happen without even the tiniest bit of effort?  

That apple jumped into your mind and is right in front of you now isn’t it!

Now what colour of apple jumped into your mind? Was it green, or red?

The strange thing about the apple experiment is that each memory is particular to each one of us, stored on a tiny strand of energy in our brains that was accessed with lighting speed.  

Was your apple on a tree, in a bowl or in your hand?  Maybe on a computer, half eaten, the images are vivid too.  What about the sensation of eating an apple?  Did you remember the sound and feeling?  How it crunched and the way the apple juice oozed out.  The tiny squeak on your teeth.

It is so amazing to me, that with just a simple word like apple, we all were able to access a stored memory with exact accuracy and simplicity.

Importance of Stuff, Latent Lifestyle, Act Anyway

What Memory is Stored in an Item?

A vase, painting, small tin box or rock picked from a shore with a friend or parent by your side, each item holds a “reminder” of that exact moment in time.

You can think of most of the items in your house and recall the day, people, sights and sounds associated with that purchase, gift or heirloom.  We also feel that moment too.

Importance of Stuff, Latent Lifestyle

Each memory we have stored in our minds are energised by the feelings associated with that memory. Some memories empower us and make us push ourselves further, and yet other memories energised by our feelings can eat and destroy our very lives.

Think of the last fight you had and feel how the negative energy flows back to your body with that memory, or perhaps think of the last time you gave of received flowers… They may have just been yesterday from someone you love, from a friend visiting you in hospital or perhaps the last time you received flowers was when someone very dear to you had passed away.

Yes, our minds are incredible at remembering where and what we were doing, and with each memory we also hold a feeling that energises too.

All memories make you the unique person you are. That cannot be copied, or replicated in any way possible.

The way you may experience watching a movie will be different to the way I experience it and that makes all the difference.

Memories may dim, they may lose their power and they might even fade away completely, but they are what you are built on.

Like a building that begins with it’s foundations and then block by block rises from the ground so you are the same with each experience and memory you create.

Our stuff holds our memories and keeps us remembering, but those things should never hold you!

We do not live in the past, in an experience we “once” had.  That experience has been had and we are now creating other thoughts and memories.  We are adding to our collections in our mind, but we cannot live there.  It is a place without air, static, frozen!

The Stuff we have should empower us to be better at living life in the present and provide our self-confidence with a boost.

All those other things which hang around as distant memories that drag us down and remind us of the past should really be looked at with fresh eyes and removed if they are not an encouragement.


The stuff we have from our favourite socks to the bulging bookcase should be seen as having a life force that will drive us to be self-confident and achieve higher goals or that ‘stuff’ ought to be removed from our lives to make way for more experiences and pave the way for us to live in the present.

Act Anyway as non-action is still decisive action!

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