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If you are looking for a quick fix for your weight, I suggest you visit another website. This website is not concerned with damaging your health for a ‘look’ which may last for a short while but cause untold damage.

The diet plans here are more for discussion purposes and to be aware that they exist and some of the research about them. This website does not support any one of them nor is it supported by them rather seeking to find out the merits and pitfalls about them.

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Remember – Our body is the only one we get and it is in our best interest to look after it correctly!

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If you feed your body crisps all day long expect consequences, equally if you only eat bananas you too will suffer in deficiencies.

Be thoughtful in your choices of a weight loss diet. Discuss it with others around you and your general practitioner or health adviser. If you feel unwell, see someone! No one gets prizes for suffering in silence.

I would like to point out that sudden weight gains or losses normally indicate that there is an underlying problem that needs medical attention. Again – go see someone!

Many people start out on a diet plan, and then stop after a few days or have an excuse that they cannot continue because of this event or that dilemma.


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The excuse will always be, “I couldn’t stop myself!” Yes, you can say no. Yes, you can decline a function, and yes, you are free to stand in a bar and only drink water or fruit juice. Those are your choices!

Now that we know where the excuses fall, a bit more about the diets. I am always against anything extreme. Starving yourself for a week is not good for your body or your brain. Consuming only one mineral or food source is not healthy either!

Diet is ALWAYS a quality of life choice in abundant societies.

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Think of the long term gains to be had. By way of example, if I choose a good fuel for my car it runs longer with fewer issues than a poor low-grade fuel. If I buy a mobile phone from the supermarket and then expect it to work as a flagship model from a large corporation, I will be disillusioned most of the time.

Broken down at the side of the road with a phone that cannot make calls is exactly where some diets will take you. Remember the long run! Buy decent wholesome foods. You’ll need less of them and they last a lot longer. Oh, and in case you want to use the argument it is a cost thing…, it isn’t, one small bag of crisps cost 60p while one bag of carrots is 48p.

There WILL always be temptation too. There wouldn’t be adverts if they didn’t work in some way to entice us into a thought pattern that makes us do something. Fast-food chains and soda companies are experts in that FIELD.

If you slip, you slip. Get back up, realise that the next few days will be hard as you remember that treat you indulged in, and move on. Life will not stop because of it. It only becomes damaging if you continue to repeat the mistake.

It would be great to hear your experience of any of these diet plans I am investigating and if you have other suggestions please do let me know through the contact page.