Types of Balance Exercises

Tai Chi | Ballet | Wobble Ball | Squats | Swiss Ball | One Legged Stand | One Legged Squat | Stork Balance | Medicine Ball | Horse Riding | Ice Skating | Skate Board/Roller Blading

More than just getting on a skateboard or shooting down a ski slope, Balance exercises goes a long way to avoid injuries during your normal training and fitness regimes.

Balance exercises maintain core strength and improve coordination too. Don’t neglect this important part of your exercise routine.

Maintaining balance exercises improves coordination which uses your eyes, ears and nervous system to work in harmony.

These exercises are not just for the young, they are vitally important for ageing too. Prevent simple injuries that could lead to many years of pain through regular balance exercises. Most as easy to door in the privacy of your own home or on a casual walk around a park.