Explaining Nutrition

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Lets be certain here, this information has been gathered from the internet, books and local practitioners and as such this website cannot claim to be “expert” in the nutritional element of a food. So read for information purposes.

We all know that we need nutrition to live and thrive. It is no good that we only egg a boiled egg for every meal and hope that somehow we will get everything we need from that one food source – no matter how good it is.

The number one rule of any nutritional advice is always the same – MODERATION! It is the fundamental and best rule to enjoy your food and have a healthy body. If your diet is currently eating all things that look brown (chips, bread, spaghetti…) that is not moderation even if there are different types of food. Equally if your diet is all green, this too is not moderation.

Our nutrition not only feeds our bodies, but is a source to ward off illness, fight stress and leads us to live better quality of life. There cannot be any argument for picking up a ready meal with a whole host of additives verse a meal prepared from scratch, but lets not kid ourselves that ready meals exist.

Remember, moderation! Eating a chocolate bar today and not having another one for a week is not overindulging in chocolate, but to eat one today and tomorrow when all else that has been eaten has been a ready meal and a can of soda is to tip the scales the wrong way.

Look after your body and it will look after you. Think of it like an expensive possession that needs care and attention. You wouldn’t take your best handbag and throw a burger and fries into it, or take your new suit and stuff cake into the pockets of it. So why would you think of your body any other way than something to be cared for – inside and out.

Find out some of the latest thinking on nutrition and the major areas that we are facing today in society. We have so much access to easy food, that perhaps it is now not about what we can eat but our choice in the selection of it.