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In Search of Natural Beauty

Do a search for “Natural Beauty” and you get 109 000 000 results! There are a lot of articles and places you can get your natural beauty fix. I am looking to examine how we can all appreciate natural beauty that benefits us and doesn’t result in self-loathing.

Our uniqueness as humans is to be celebrated. Why do we want to look like some artist or idol? You cannot and NEVER will be that person. So relax and take what you have and know it is precious.

Our natural beauty is a work of art every single day. There is no way that it can be replicated over and over again and each day is a creation of exquisite beauty.

Other say I look Ugly!


What do they know? They base their view of the world on what others say looks amazing, beautiful or stunning. There is nothing in this world that rates beauty higher than something else.

Miss World is what some people think looks good in one category of billions of people! Mr Universe is the best in that category of people. They are not the standard to which we must all bow.

If you want to fit into a category like that and then find disappointment at not attaining a set standard is it the fault of that category and your uniqueness?

That’s like looking at a bunch (hand) of Bananas and judging which one is better looking than the next. Then adding an orange and saying to the orange, “Well you are hideous. You are round and a completely different colour. You need to change to be a different shape, different colour… You need to be more Banana like!”

It is completely illogical to think we do this to ourselves too. Standing in a bar with a hundred other people and measuring who looks the best or who should attract the most attention is merely a decision you choose to be a part of.

But I’m Different

Yes you are – so are we!

There you go. Now go out and be the best version of that difference. No one can compete with that. Not a soul on this earth will be able to live up to your standard of difference.

Adverts are designed to make us feel inadequate. Shelves of beauty products all show what the “ideal” human should look like.

Guaranteed that if we all looked the same, the one person who looked different would be the one who had the most beauty! Every single time.

Why write articles on Beauty at all?

The point is to show a better way of living. How would you like to make your own bath salt or put your own night cream on using natural ingredients.

Why not learn to nourish your hair so you can have soft hair that doesn’t break or tangle easily. That is far more valuable than learning that you can style your hair just like you next famous artists and then feel horrible that you cannot achieve that look.

This section is to empower you to be a better you, not to be a measure of how you cannot meet a certain standard.

The majority of people look at their partners and only see beauty. Bed hair, face masks and nights out! It is the way we see something in someone that counts and resonates with us that makes them beautiful.

There lies the key to understanding your own natural beauty.