Potential, LL

Potential is what could be if only I weren’t afraid!

Maurice Randall

When we were born we knew no limits.  We didn’t know it was wrong to scream out for food or sleep wherever and whenever we felt.  

There was nothing we could not do!  

What changed between then and our lives right this minute?  The potential we have locked inside allows us to do anything, yet we settle for less.

Latent Lifestyle is about seeking out that potential, grabbing it with both hands and becoming all that you were intended to be.

I have the fear that things won’t work out. I have worries and doubts, but my potential for far greater things rests inside me with the explosive ability to overcome all that comes my way… AND SO DO YOU!

The posts you will find in this section relate to my seeking and understanding of that potential and how I am putting it to use.

It is no good to know I have potential but never use it, but for me, and you, to use it and grow with it.

Take your life in both hands, for you are not here forever!

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