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No Borrowing Allowed

Ever caught yourself saying, “I’ll do that later’, or “Maybe next year”?

That is exactly what I woke up to the realisation of this morning. I cannot say that I will do something later and in effect place some form of credit in the time bank! It just cannot work.

You see, time is a thing, something solid, something that is finite. It runs out, it ticks past and there is a certain amount of it, for each individual.

There is no adding to it, collecting it in a bank, storing it. It is being used right this minute as you are reading this. You cannot switch it off and there is no way of topping it up!

This very precious thing we call life, is riggered with a timer and it has no switch to disable it.

When we say we will do something later, or next year or in the future we are ‘hoping’ that we can achieve it in time, but there are no guarantees that time will be there for that thing later on.

We only have this time right now. Today, is the time we have and we need to use it wisely. Make it count. Ensure that we don’t let a single second out of our sight for fear that we waste it and lose it.

I cannot take out insurance on it, there is not even the possibility that I can use a credit card and take from the future, time that I didn’t use.

By way of an example, have you ever left something to the last minute. Studying for an exam, or waiting till the last minute to cook dinner, or perhaps leave it to the last second to get ready for work?

Within each instance we try to take the time we have right now and use it later. We try to lend against the bulk of time, but as always time keeps ticking. There is no additional time to gain, only to use it in the present.

We run late, because at the last minute getting ready, becomes filled with things you never expected. A friend calls, the hot water is cold, the back door won’t lock, the car keys go missing.

Each little time consuming item is slowly taking up your precious seconds that put you off course and you end up late, stressed or regretful you never tried it.

You cannot wait “till later” to use that time. It is only available now. The future holds more events than we know, so why would I want to miss them all because I put off doing something now!

Live in today’s moment. This very second. If you need to make a call, make it now! Have to finish a report, do it today. Have to have the car serviced, book it in.

Take each precious moment and use it. Don’t throw it away to the TV or to looking at time wasting Facebook posts. Use your time wisely and feel rewarded by each new day and the wondrous adventures it will lead too.

Do not waste today only to have to work tomorrow and miss the excitement tomorrow holds!

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