Preconceived Ideas, fears, latent lifestyle, act anyway, Potential, decision-making

Decisions: Preconceived Ideas and Fears

Preconceived Ideas, Fears, latent lifestyle, act anyway, decision, potentialAllowing your inner thoughts to dominate your decisions without proper investigation, results in indecision and apathy.

Maurice Randall

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Following on from the previous post you should be all set with your paper and ideas ready to go…

2. Preconceived Ideas and Fears

Preconceived Ideas

You have your list, it’s sitting before you, all written down. Take another piece of paper and keeping to the left margin, and re-write each item on the list down individually. Starting at the top with your preconceptions about that item. Leave space below.

For example, gardening. What could be some preconceptions I hold about gardening? Its hard work, it does not pay well, I don’t know anything about plants, family think I should be a lawyer… You get the idea. What are you preconceptions – write them all down.

Listing, ideas, latent lifestyle, act anyway, potential, decision


You may want to cross items off an idea at the moment, DON’T. Just keep going. One by one. Do this until you finish the list.


Now begin at the top again with fears. What concerns do you have about each item? Won’t make enough money? Will lose friends? I will be a learner again? Can’t start without money? Will have to downgrade my home? Go through your list again. Add your fears.

Fear, preconceptions, latent lifestyle, act anyway, potential, decisions

Now this may take a few hours, a few days. I am not expecting you to race through this. Take your time. Isolate each idea and look at it with that same passion the artist has. We are making a decision here. A decision without barriers remember.

Don’t research anything. This is only about your own thoughts and ideas. Who are you going to be? We can all follow someone else and emulate them, but that is not fulfilling, doing what we feel most enjoyment with is key here.

Beginning to see the Patterns

Patterns, latent lifestyle, act anyway, decision, potentialAs you near completion of the list of preconceptions and fears you will no doubt notice a pattern. Some fears will keep reoccurring, some preconceptions will be similar. Are there similarities you need to address?

For example, if your parents keep making an entrance, is there a preconception you need to address with your parents? Are they still driving what you are doing even though you are no longer at home? Are you friends dictating what you should be or have expectations about you that are stifling your own creativity?

This is an examination of the inner you AND the inner chains that keep you stuck where you are. Those chains tighten constrict you. They squeeze your ideas, and drain the colour from your life.

Used and Using Others

If you cannot do something because you will not have money from spouse/family member/friend if you elect to do it, even though you will be a happier person and a better partner, then you are really only using that person and being allowed to be used by that person.

Let me explain. I get money from Alice, and she is happy to give it to me all the while I am her friend and go out to lunch and drinks with her. She buys everything for me and I don’t need to worry about anything. She even takes me clothes shopping! This is a friend that I am using, but I dare not miss an appointment with her, or decline a night out with her because she may find someone else to lavish her money on them.

Equally, I am being used by Alice through a process of manipulation. I are being made to do stuff I would not ordinarily do. I have to visit places she wants to go, I don’t have much to say and she never really wants to know about my situation. She has me as the backup in her life and she can buy me anytime. (Even if we are not fully aware we are doing it!)

The Motivation for Change

So why do more and more people leave the rat race? Why are there programs after programs of people learning to make their own way? The realisation is dawning on us all.

There is just a short time to do all we want on this planet.

Lets take a step back. Lets look over the list of desires and see who you are. There will be creativity in anything you wrote down, the sole fundamental essence of humans. Creativity in anything we do.

Your preconceptions, your fears can all be seen in the clear light of day. Persevere. Continue the process of evaluation.  Take a short break and get back to it, but try to complete this task before moving forward to the next post – The Decision.

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Act Anyway and enjoy the experience it will provide



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