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First and foremost let’s be clear – non-serious and serious medical issues are outwith the scope of this website/blog and should be left to the advice and treatment of a medical professional – All information offered is only for informational purposes and a personal investigation.

Why are these Common?

According to WebMD, there are 10 common complaints that we suffer from. Everyday Health offers 15 common complaints, and even Dr McDougall’s Health and Medical Center offers a list. What is common on them all is there is a theme.

Search for “headaches” in Google and get 77 100 100 million results. (on 21/07/2017) Search for “treatment for headaches” and you get 35 200 000 thousand results! Those are some big numbers.

Mostly Health has chosen common health issues that have cropped up over the years from different colleagues, events and general friends chatting. Again and again, these turn up and it is probably worth looking further into the way people view these conditions, types of treatment available – if any – and myths about some of the information about them.

Why isn’t my Condition Listed?

There are so many different and complex health conditions that if it were possible to investigate each one we would have a real archive of medical knowledge, but there are more appropriate websites that are able to take that mantle on.

It doesn’t mean we are not listening to you, please write in and let us know what you would like to see and if we have a few more enquiries we will certainly make it a reality to investigate.

Do you offer a Miracle Cure?

NO! There is no such thing. Every illness, physical complaint or mental issue is real to the individual experiencing it. It may seem trivial to you to see someone who has a headache once a month when you suffer a migraine every week, but it matters to address our concerns, worries and fears.

The majority of low-level complaints we experience normally can be traced to stress, our environment or a genetic malfunction. Research is being done and each day some small secret is unlocked to explain the way we are.

Let’s go with that for now. Let’s consult with our mainstream doctors and our Complementary and Alternative practitioners. Let’s learn to talk and express the way we feel to relieve stress and alleviate pain.

The miracle is that you made it this far in life! Out of every eventuality, you are one who has survived falling off your bike, climbing up trees and tripping over your laces! Amazing isn’t it really.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Things happen because we are living organisms with an inherited set of genes from parents that have inherited genes. Some people never visit a hospital a day in their entire lives, others visit them every other week, others never leave!

You can certainly try your best to prevent what we clearly understand to be genuine links to serious illness. Smoking has a clear link with lung cancers and tumours. Drinking has a clear link to liver cirrhosis. If we know it and continue to smoke we create for ourselves a condition that could have been avoided and a whole lot of heartache for ourselves as well as our loved ones.

Ultimately it is your decision

Ice cream tastes wonderful. We know it and we buy it by the bucket load. Eating a bowl every now and again is going to raise your sugar level. It will produce fat and your body will deal with it. Eating ice cream by the tub on a regular basis may result in diabetes and obesity, not to mention high blood pressure.

Moderation for everything in life is what benefits the majority of us as humans. Just as stress is good for occasional projects, it is not good for the long term. We become focused and clear in our goals under stress, but only in very short bursts.

The same applies to ice cream, alcohol or anything in life we have for an extended period.

The decision rests with you!

Don’t just Try Things, Do Them!

We often hear that something should be reduced or removed from our lives if we want to have a healthy and happier existence, and we “try” it for a brief time. When we don’t get instantaneous results we give up and either continue doing what we did before or we move onto something else to “try”.

If you have abused your body for years, how can you expect it to recover in a few weeks or months? That recovery may be a long road, it may be slow and you may just have permanent damage, but don’t give up.

A better quality of life comes with some moderation and constraints. Only you have the power to enforce those on yourself.

Best the best version of yourself you can be and see how your outlook on this amazing life can be changed because of it.

Making food in the kitchen can be therapeutic if you think of it not so much as a chore but rather as a time to take a break from the everyday grind. Washing up can have that meditative approach where your brain has a chance to just relax a little, undistracted.

It’s all About Perspective!

It is all relative in the grand scheme of things. How we approach different areas of our lives can affect so many other decisions and emotions we have.

Thinking all life suffers and then seeing ourselves enjoying it can change the way you view your very existence. You’ll appreciate every joyous moment you have.

Viewing life to be only a roller coaster ride of fun and freedom results in constant pain and suffering as all we end up experiencing is more and more disappointment.

Change your perspective, live life in the best way you can and learn what you can to have the best quality of life for yourself and for those around you.

Then laugh!