The Meaning of Stuff in our Lives

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I have often wondered what appeals to the collector of stamps or an art collector. Apart from having these items to hand at any one time, what brings the enjoyment of owning and tending too all this stuff!

Now, in a way I can appreciate art, but I appreciate landscapes too, as well as the laughter lines on a face of a person who is sitting talking on a bench.  Why do we feel the compulsion to collect?  As humans there are some of us who have collected much in our lifetimes.  Houses full of things, each holding a small memory to the owner of the item.  The Art collector smiles looking at his latest painting and remembers how he got it.  The memories lie all around us, to some, those items may not be worth keeping, like the first pair of socks a new born baby wears, but to a mother they mean so much more.

This part of ACT ANYWAY is to examine what you have around you, inside you and who you choose to have beside you.  Do they bring strength to your life, empower you to go and do things or do they keep you house bound, in fear that something may be stolen or destroyed, fearful that letting go may destroy your world or that you are so angry you can’t move forward.

Look through the articles above and see what you think about your possessions, your Stuff!  Then all I ask is for you to measure it against the experience of living this life you have.  Do they cause you to ACT ANYWAY, or are they another hindrance to you living now!