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Combine Therapies are a part of Combination and Alternative Medicine (CAMs) where a treatment forms part of a person’s recovery from illness by way of conventional medicine and CAMs treatment.

This type of therapy can be practised as an alternative to mainstream medicine, but it is always considered after discussing this form of alternative treatment with your local health practitioner. This is to ensure none of the medications you currently take are affected by any of the treatments you may be given.

It has been well documented that combination treatment goes a long way to improving the recovery of a person to good health due to the different approaches the mainstream medical and CAMs fields of practitioners take.

Often a CAMs practitioner will evaluate a person in their initial meeting and aim to learn all they can about the whole individual, rather than only treat the symptom of an illness.

A Holistic Approach of Combined Therapies

It is this holistic approach of often highlights areas in a person’s life that requires other treatments which go further to understand the thinking of an individual and their environment.

Mainstream medicine often aims to ‘cure’ the immediate illness that a patient might present a doctor with, and once the doctor establishes what may be the cause through a scientific understanding of the biological processes they offer a solution to alleviate that condition.

For example, a stomach ulcer is both uncomfortable and painful but can be easily remedied with a tablet or by drinking a liquid to line the stomach. A mainstream doctor may spend a few moments to learn about the reason that a person has an ulcer but then goes about treating the ulcers through medicine.

On the other hand, a CAMs practitioner may begin by discussing the foods that a person may eat on a daily basis and go further into discussing stresses that might cause an ulcer to develop and then offer a relaxation technique that alleviates the stress and in turn heals the ulcer.

Combined Therapies are valuable to our society and understanding of the human body and as such are thought of as complementary. Science has made great advances in discovering cures for ailments and diseases we could never have thought possible, but there is equally a need for individuals to be treated as a whole and for them to use alternative ways for relief from their pain.

Types of Conditions Cams is Used in

Complementary and Alternative medicine is used to treat many conditions and as such has been great in Combined Therapies as a way of fighting illness and disease and creating a positive mind.

Cancer, Osteo-arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and depression are four main areas CAMs is used in alleviating symptoms and helping the healing process. (See here for Cancer treatments, here for MS Discussions and here for depression)

Stress is another area that CAMs works exceedingly well in. Some of the effects of stress-related illness can lead to lack of sleep or immune dysfunction or worse lead to heart disease. Look here for a longer explanation.

There is no end to how CAMs can be used and the benefit of visiting a practitioner means you are treated as an individual with your exact situation is taken into consideration.

Find out more about a particular type of therapy or see if you can locate one in your local area.