The Price of a Stone

Price of a stone, latent lifestyle, act anywayMemories – Worth their weight in Gold?

As I write my book, this is almost the epitome of a memory and how it can be valued.  There are so many quotes and sayings to represent these ideas, but this quote best describes our stuff!

Take for instance the diamond on your finger, or the trinket around your neck or your favourite pen, each holds for you that memory.  However, to have the item does not enforce the memory.  It does remind us, but it can do nothing other than sit there being a reminder to a past time.  I am always amazed that I can be out on for the day in the hills walking about and a little white stone I pick up off the top of the hill is just as much of a reminder to me as the expensive souvenirs at the bottom.  I do not need either one, for my memories are my own, but it is interesting that the price for a memory is variable.

My House Brimmeth Over…

treasure chest, gold, latent lifestyle, act anyway, stuffIt is so variable that these costs can be seen in a house filled to the brim with stuff.  Each item representing memories, and yet these memories are inside your head.  Sometimes it gets so cluttered that even the most treasured possessions get lost amongst other things that we cannot even find them.  Then there is the attachment to that thing as if in some way if we lose it, break or throw it out, our very memory will be lost with it.
How can it be?  The memory that is inside you is yours, and only you can allow that memory to be ruined or enhanced.  Why not make the decision to create simple memories from the things you have, ones which fill your heart and mind with joy and warmth.  Those few items sitting as reminders are there for you to remember.  As callous as it sounds they are not my reminders nor even other family members, nor are they friends reminders, they are yours, so choose them carefully.  Don’t crowd them out, don’t neglect them!

That Guilty Feeling

Lake, reflection, act anyway, latent lifestyle stuffThis is where your guilt will play a part in your actions, the more things to display, the more cleaning to do!  If you fall behind you feel somewhat embarrassed or guilty that you cannot even keep certain memories clean and tidy.  That you didn’t respect them!  This is not the point of having all these items.  They are there to inspire your walk through life, encourage you for brighter days and lift you up!  Cut down on all the items, treasure the few and make them meaningful.  Should they become chipped or broken, that is just natural.  It is not possible to hold anything in this life in pristine condition, and I am sure if the item was given to be used that it would be better to use it than to spend time protecting it from the inevitable!

Breath, relax, and enjoy what you have, but make sure it all makes meaningful sense to have.  If you have to trip over it every day, that is not meaningful.  If you have to spend 2 hours a day dusting to make sure they all sparkle, that is not a good use of your time.  Your memories never need dusting, they are always there.  Treasure them, and begin creating new ones.  Don’t be trapped in a museum of memories and have time frozen.

Get out and make new ones!

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Act Anyway for tomorrow may never come


A good start might be to read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondo.  I think you’ll find the process easier than it feels right now!

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