The Weight of Stuff

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If stuff is, as I said, memories in small containers, then those small containers are necessary – right?  Lets see if we can weigh this out…

I pick up a stone from the beach I visit with my mom, travel to a distant land and take home a shell, visit a local restaurant for a birthday and take home some of the decoration from the cake, go to a sports event and take home a foam finger or visit a concert and keep the ticket stub.  All this, all these things, mean something to you and are valuable memories – to you.  I did say though we would weigh it.

“the thing that has been discarded is actually no more than a thing,”

Flowers, latent lifestyle, act anyway, stuffThose few scenarios I just mentioned are already taking up space for you to move on with your life.  They are not living in your present moment, but keep dragging you back to a specific point in time in which you cannot live – remember the suffocation!

How much does this weigh?

As your possessions collect so the burden becomes heavier.  That single ticket stub that you kept as a memory, now has the full weight of time on it.  “I’ve kept it this long..”  and the incessant voice telling you to put it here or put it there.  It doesn’t have a home and so keeps turning up unexpectantly.  Imaging that with all your things.

Messy room, latent lifestyle, act anywayThen the weight is compounded if someone should accidentally damage or discard it.  The feeling is like loss of something dear.  Lets just look back though.  The thing that is lost doesn’t hold the memory – You do!  It does not hold the reminder – You do!  In fact the thing that has been discarded is actually no more than a thing, because you gave it something meaningful from your memories and feelings.

The weight of stuff is heavy enough, the weight of our stuff is tremendous.  From the actual physical weight of our items to the emotional weight of keeping them from harms way.  So much of our lives are about caring for things that are no more than things!  They cannot be and will not be anything more – it is You that holds the memory and only you can feel the sensations, emotions and clarity of any such even.

So consider the weight of your stuff.  Is it heavy yet?

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