The Analysis of Procrastination

Analysis of procrastination, latent lifestyle, blog, act anywayAre you Leaving it till later?

Procrastination happens in most of our lives in various abundance and with some what of a stealth approach.  It seems to sneak up and pounce on us, and before we know it we have been wrestling with it for days, weeks, and months. That warm fuzzy feeling that says in the back of our heads, “I’ll do it later…”.  A way of delaying each and every task possible for as long as possible.

(“Procrastinate (vb) to put off (an action) until later; delay.” – Collins Concise Dictionary)

Now there is a knock on effect obviously – the example:

plates, latent lifestyle, act anyway, stuffI delay washing up the pots and plates from tonight’s dinner, and tomorrow morning’s breakfast.  In the evening some friends turn up and besides feeling a little embarrassed by the pile of washing up in the kitchen they invite us out for dinner.  The following morning, breakfast again is done and dusted and the plates are well and truly on their way to being the tower of Pisa.  Now a funny thing begins to happen…  The initial night there was the feeling of, “I’ll do it later…” the second morning and evening there was the feeling of “I should really do it now, but I am just having a little break, as there is quite a bit.” to the third night where, “Oh there is so much to wash up and its going to take so long to do now, I need to first rest a bit and I’ll do it later on…”

Procrastination is a funny thing, not only do we put off facing decisions that really need attention, but then we begin to create real truths about how bad things are now that we cannot do something.  It demands a “special day”, a “special time”, “I don’t have the right pen”, or whatever the excuse is!  Then there is the building sense of guilt…

Oh, That Guilt AGAIN!

Cactus flower, act anyway, stuffOh the guilt of, “I must really do that thing…”.  Over and over it goes through your head.  It occupies your thoughts, takes away from the good moments you are having, you feel the thought there when you are just abut to relax.  In actual fact the main issue lies not with the time it has taken but through the immense time you have thought about not doing it and why you should do it!

So for a quick easy solution to feeling, brighter, lighter and happier – DON’T DELAY!  See to it when it is there!  The less time you have to deal with something the lighter it is.  Back to the example above; the washing up is an eye sore that you didn’t want your friends to see, this caused you the uncomfortable feeling all the while they were in your home.  The morning breakfast run was hampered by not enough clean cutlery and caused further delay to your morning routine.  So it goes!

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Procrastinate thy NOT!


Face it, do it, tick it off.


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Act Anyway for tomorrow may never come


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