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There comes a moment when it’s time to redesign the amazing things we create. To refocus on what is important and to improve on what we already have.

That moment passed a few days ago and, though starting from the ground up, it is also a mental journey of rebuild what I know and want to share from the ground up too.

There are of course lumps and bumps, true inward questions that needed to be asked, AND answered, before I could countinue.

Latent Lifestyle has always been a part of my thoughts and though I put the “Public” version on the back burner, it seems that what I have been creating has been all for this moment.

I am really excited to be part of this creative process. Address old posts, update some of the wonderful discoveries I have learned and above all, add to the quest for gratitude for all that I have, am and able to be to others.

As each day passes there should aways be a sense of growth and even if one day that is but a small millimeter and the next a leap over a canyon, there must ALWAYS be progress…

The laws of nature are clear – be creatively moving forward or pass into history!

Latent Lifestyle has always been about the potential we all have inside of us, inside of me. It is about overcoming my fears and stretching forwards to reach new heights and attain deeper levels of understanding for all of creation.

It is also about showing that creativity off. Of where I have hidden away my talents and my dreams to conform to a lower ordered path when in fact life is about recognising the beauty in the path we each take different to each other.

This post I know has been written as a letter to myself and as I take that first step into sharing what I have, so I hope you to find a positive feeling and meaningful journey on your way today.

As you walk with me, my hope is that we learn to see how creative life is in all its many forms and to strive daily to understand those who know less than us and to those who know more.

I want so see past the outer noise of the shouty voice and the noisy drum and to see into the life force that joins us all together and allows us to exist as we do.

Have an amazing day and watch for opportunities where you can appreciate others and be grateful for life that surrounds us.

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