Oh Why, Butterfly, LL

Oh Why?

A short rhyme while out in the garden.

Oh why

Oh why, butterfly

do you fly

like a butterfly

Flitting from here

like a bouncy ball

to over there

breaking your fall

With each flap of the wings

you ascend to the sky

yet with certainty, descend

to earth with a dive

Oh why

Oh why

do you fly like a butterfly?

Maurice Randall


There is much that can be said for the way we lead our lives, and like a butterfly we parade in vibrant colours around our world. At times we are so high and see so far and at others, we seem to be as low as one can be.

Take heart and do not fear, for as gentle as the butterfly is, it has been through a complete metamorphosis to appear in this vibrant and beautiful world.

And yet, you are still you and you will always be the amazing you when you were brought into this world. You may look different, act different even smile different, but you are the incredible creation of billions of cells created in love in a universe filled with boundless energy.

It’s time to be grateful for all that we have around us, all that encourages us and all that supports us to become the creative and alive beings we are.

What meaning did you take from this? Comment below.

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  1. I often wonder about the fragility of the butterfly and its ability to weather storms, winds and rain to meet its partner and continue the cycle of life. Lovely little poem.

    1. Thanks Shelly, I had a lot of fun writing it too. Wherever we go we can certainly see the awesome power of nature to thrive and survive. From the giant oak to the delicate butterfly. I am grateful every day for my consciousness to see and understand the beauty that surrounds us in everything we do.

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