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Chocks away, Welcome…

Great to have you along.  I am Maurice – this is my blog!

I know, it is pure self indugence to write a post just about starting a blog, there are few things less stressful than this post that is for sure, but I did want to make a post that started it all off.

Within my Blog I wanted to combine my passion for improving the lives of others by collecting ideas and thoughts together that enable us all to grow and be better at caring.

Latent Lifestyle is about seeking out our hidden potential to be more than we ever thought we could be. It’s about finding our reasons for doing and believing that we have the strength and self confidence to do our very best.

I am thoroughly enthralled by the beauty of the earth and the incredible things within it. I am keen to show that stuff need not weigh you down and once you see how experience is more valuable to your life you will find an easier path to experiencing an amazing life. 

I think you will find that what you think is worth so much, and it is not the possessions you own but rather the relationships and experiences you have.

Anyway, enough about what I’m going to do for now, and rather I will get right to creating those posts.  Should you want to follow me or contact me then I am on Twitter and Facebook or you can email via the contact page.

What Can You Expect?

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You can expect to see some of the places I have been so fortunate to travel to, thoughts I have on the world and life and the evolving belief that you must Act Anyway.  

Life and the Cosmos has always intrigued me. The big questions continue to be a part of my every action and most of all I aim to be that part of the cosmos that contributes more to this world because I am in it rather than take from it only to be unsatisfied!  

Feel free to suggest ideas and offer advice or comments.  I am a learner in this life just like you.

So a warm welcome aboard and thanks for taking the time to visit my little spot.

Act Anyway as non-action is still decisive action!

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