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Diet is about the long game. It is NEVER about sudden loss and quick fixes. Your body is the most valuable possession you have. Nothing in this world even comes close to its value and so you should treat it as such.

The views expressed here are for information purposes. There are diets that swear by and that people have lived on for the majority of their lives… that does not make it right for you! Be thoughtful about what you choose to feed your body. Act responsibly towards it.

There are plenty of pleasures to enjoy in this world. Just enjoying them every 5 minutes will kill you or at the very least ruin your great possession leaving you feeling unhappy with your appearance and general lack lustre attitude towards life.

Yes there are people who have smoked all their lives and lived to a great old age – That doesn’t mean that it is going to be good for you! There are some who only eat small portion often or have apple cider vinegar in the mornings. Again, it is not for everyone.

Read the research, learn about your body and apply the only rule you will ever need in any diet or food program – MODERATION.

It obviously goes without saying (even though I am saying it!), check with your doctor before making any rash changes and get some other opinions. Take things slowly and you will be the best version of yourself you can ever be!