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Gunther and Christine – A 26-year Road Trip!

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A 26 Year Road Trip – Beat that!

I came across this post on the BBC Website (all pictures are from the BBC website too by the way) and wanted to share it on.  

I would suggest you look at it on a computer as the images and site display the journey beautifully.  An amazing story of Gunther and Christine and their journey around the world in same vehicle over 26 years!  Now that has to be a record – Oh it is…

My favorite quote from the article was when asked why there was no social media site, no loud and amazing website to show what they had achieved, Gunther replied,

“he says, he and Christine travelled for their own enjoyment, not to shout about it to other people.”

Gunther and Otto, BBC, latent lifestyle

A 26 Year Road Trip can be found here or by going to the BBC website and searching for Gunther and Christine.  

Their journey in “Otto” is a proper story.  A vehicle with minimal electronics, that has been taken all over the worlds surface and with pictures to tell, I can tell you it is worth the read.

I hope you enjoy reading about Gunther and Christine as they travelled the globe.

(All pictures are taken from the BBC website and are not my own.)